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The Full Story


It all started with my husband, well really my husband's stress. Like a lot of people in the Tech industry he worked a face-paced, high stress job which often ended with feelings of anxiety. His demeanor changed on Sunday afternoons as the Monday workday loomed. In a search for a holistic, non pharmaceutical remedy I found Reiki and never looked back. We found that it brought a relief where he could catch his breath and it allowed him to steady himself enough to find coping strategies to get through the mind stress.


Anxiety is an epidemic. Anxiety often leads to depression and this trend is especially prevalent in teens and young adults in college. I want to change how we live so that we live more harmoniously with ourselves and each other. We must treat ourselves better and in doing so treat each other better. It starts with dealing with our own stress, anxiety, issues and then be role models for the change others need and aspire to.


I envision a world with a little less competition, more love, less unkind words, more laughter together and genuine goodwill toward each other. Less anger and division - more joy and realizing that we're all pieces of one puzzle. I envision that we learn as a collective that we are better together when we're all doing well and we're only as strong as our weakest link. That me having plenty doesn't mean that you have less and that their win is not your loss. If we can change our thinking then we can change our doing.

My challenge is to give people an opportunity to expand their thinking, reimagine their lifestyle in order to usher in peace, and joyful living while maintaining their jobs and taking care of the daily to do list. Meditation and mindfulnes creates opportunities for greater perspective to think and do carefully with greater compassion and ability to give grace to oneself and others. 

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