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Meet Meredith

We Can Live Better Together

How can we change the world we live in for the better so that we live well and in love and harmony.

One way I do that is through Reiki. Some people do that using religion. Here on Earth everything is a big experiment and you never know what will work. But the thing I find that does consistently work with all different types of people - share love and kindness. People understand love and kindness immediately - it doesn't need an explanation. Reiki needs an explanation. Religion needs an explanation. But when you show love and kindness - that never needs an explanation.

So that's the plan. Heal through love and kindness.

Scientific Support for Reiki

Harvard study analyzing more than 1100 Reiki sessions, demonstrated with statistical significance that Reiki improved mental and physical health outcomes including pain, nausea, tiredness, anxiety, depression and overall well-being with moderate to large effect sizes. (Dyer et. al., Journal of Alternative and Complementary Med., 2019)


Reiki Session

I hold the space for healing and you relax while blocks are released and healing is activated. 1 hour



I created this program, simply called Lavender Ribbons, to help those who are battling cancer. Reiki is used in hospitals and cancer clinics as a complementary treatment that has been reported to some degree relieve stress and pain related to cancer and side effects caused by cancer treatment.


I will provide three 30-minute distance Reiki healing sessions for free. Just submit your name and location using the contact card below.



"I met Meredith at a community event and had a great experience even though it was a short session. I could feel the energy right away. I hope to schedule another session soon."

Monica S., student

"Meredith offered her services through a charity program that she offered and I really enjoyed talking to her about Reiki and energy! She has a great spirit about her and I'm grateful. She was able to share some really interesting information about the block in my chakra"

Sanieah P.

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