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We Can Live Better Together

How can we change the world we live in for the better so that we live well and in love and harmony. People are feeling a level of stress that results in incredible levels of anxiety, symptoms of depression and mental upset. The ability to cope has diminished because of work schedules, family-friend commitments, school obligations and our over-scheduled lives are detrimental to our family's mental health. Our children's resiliency has eroded away as their free-time has gave way to 4-season sports, instrument practice, the next birthday party, vacations (they're no longer stress free!), and if you can believe it... strength-training for 6th grade athletes!. The idea of quiet, alone time is undervalued and the art of boredom, lost. We live now as though every unstructured hour of our day is a waste, a lost opportunity. In reality that time generated thinkers like Einstein, Tesla and Banniker.

I do my part by teaching mediation, Reiki and other relaxation tools and techniques so that you can use the time you have whether 10 minutes or an hour for a bit of self care so that you can be the more patient parent and more focused at work. My Master's degree is in Psychology - I was trained not to predict behavior but how to use the way the brain works to understand and change behavior. 

As a Reiki Master and certified meditation leader I provide tools and teach techniques that together generate a habit of mindfulness. Patience, reduced anxiety, increased focus and a sense of calm are natural byproducts of mindful meditation. I provide workshops and presentations for public and private groups or individuals. Use what you learn in the boardroom or on the playground.
Meet Meredith
Why Naturopathy

Scientific Support for Reiki

Harvard study analyzing more than 1100 Reiki sessions, demonstrated with statistical significance that Reiki improved mental and physical health outcomes including pain, nausea, tiredness, anxiety, depression and overall well-being with moderate to large effect sizes. (Dyer et. al., Journal of Alternative and Complementary Med., 2019)



Mindful meditation builds cumulatively to help you move through the day with greater patience and focus. This tool boosts resilience, strengthening you against stressors, anxiety and depression symptoms.



An advanced relaxation technique where users report increased calm, diminished anxiety, decreased pain and more favorable vital signs (blood pressure, immune response)


I created this program, called Lavender Ribbons, to help those who are battling cancer. Reiki is used in hospitals and cancer clinics as a complementary treatment that has been reported to relieve stress and pain related to cancer and cancer treatment.


I will provide three 30-minute Reiki healing sessions for free. Submit your request using the contact card below.



"I met Meredith at a community event and had a great experience even though it was a short session. I could feel the energy right away. I hope to schedule another session soon."

Monica S., student

"Meredith offered her services through a charity program that she offered and I really enjoyed talking to her about Reiki and energy! She has a great spirit about her and I'm grateful. She was able to share some really interesting information about the block in my chakra"

Sanieah P.

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